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Keep trim, tidy and always in shape Introducing New Veet Sensitive PrecisionTM Beauty Styler

Brush up on your grooming prowess with the new Veet Sensitive PrecisionTM Beauty Styler – the hottest hair trimming and shaping tool to instantly transform your look with accuracy and gentleness this summer and beyond, without the fear of cuts.

The Beauty Styler is effective yet gentle enough to use on delicate and sensitive body parts such as the eyebrows, bikini, underarm, upper lip and sideburns. Not only does it cut and shape hairs without discomfort, it also helps avoid unsightly red bumps.

Brows are so on trend right now. Whether styling them to be big, bold, slim, or arched, your shape should be tailored to suit you and perfectly frame your facial canvas. What’s more, they should be treated like individual sisters, not twins, since no brows are ever exactly the same.

The new battery-operated grooming gadget is fitted with a dual ended trimmer head which has been designed for slick precision to bag your brow goals and remove those fine hairs for standout definition. It’s the perfect preening tool for achieving the flawless brow-look as well as for a quick tidy in between salon visits and other longer lasting at-home treatments. The included comb attachment is ideal for obtaining the perfect uniform length for a clean finish.

The larger trimming head is designed for shaping and tidying the bikini area, especially for when you don’t want to be caught short in between using other hair removal methods such as waxing or depilatory creams or to get the perfect shape.  The bikini comb attachment is fantastic for your pre-hair removal preparation or just to keep things tidy down there.

Trimming and shaping your hair is made simple thanks to the Beauty Styler’s key features:

  • Two changeable heads that offer three different trimming options: one head for the face which includes 2-sided precision blades sized 16mm and 6mm for optimal eyebrow shaping, and one larger head with a 20mm blade for bikini and underarms
  • Its two rows of rounded blades that drive hair to the cutting blades, which have no direct contact with the skin, hence no fear of cuts
  • Also included are two comb attachments which fix on the styler heads to trim to desired length
  • Its dedicated accessories such as a styling cap, cleaning brush and a beauty pouch ensure the styler is always ready to use even on the go
  • With no refills required, the battery operated trimmer can be used time and time again for quick touch ups whenever you need them