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Kimberly Clark - Give a Kleenex Kiss Today

Kleenex has announced the launch of a new commercial programme: Kleenex Kiss.

Based on the insight that giving someone a tissue is a positive and uplifting act, the new programme aims to encourage year-round usage by transforming the tissue into a tangible symbol of love and everyday gesture of care.

Designed to drive category growth, Kleenex Kiss is a seven figure investment that will see Kleenex innovatively use integrated communications channels in a pioneering way for the brand. The programme will include a diverse media mix consisting of TV, paid social media and YouTube, underpinned by a comprehensive retailer programme and supported by PR and social media activity.

Launching with a nine week TV burst, a series of filmed content, that brings to life real people giving and receiving Kleenex Kisses, sits at the heart of the campaign. Developed by The Outfit, the films show pre-recorded, intimate messages of love and care sent to loved ones. The content will capture the real-time reactions and emotions of those receiving the messages unexpectedly via a digital billboard, with hidden cameras placed in public locations.

You can send your own Kleenex Kiss @