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Understated and refined. The new Lynx Black Range is for those who don’t have to try too hard. Subtle yet masculine, it allows your unique style to shine through. So, you’ll get noticed in a quietly confident manner. Available in body spray, anti-perspirant, shower gel, shampoo and hair clay.



  • Biggest Male Grooming brand Globally (€2Bn worth in value sales)
  • Fragrance inspired by Acqua di Gio
  • Lynx Africa as the biggest and longest standing SKU in the market
  • 84% BS Market Share (Nielsen Data YTD w/e 31st Jan 2015)
  • In February ’15 Lynx contributed nearly 60% of market growth, and yet is responsible for only 34% of category value (KWPO Data to w/e 1st Feb 2015)
  • Almost 30% of new shoppers to the category buy Lynx (more than any other brand in Male Deos), and they spend 38% of their category spend on Lynx (KWPO Data to w/e 1st Feb 2015)
  • £9m MMS spend on the Lynx Black 2015 campaign