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Brand News from Beiersdorf

Most men have a simple, fuss free approach to skincare and NIVEA MEN plays right into this hand with its straightforward grooming regime that is easy to navigate.

Now, this classic range is taking inspiration from its trusted heritage and going back to its roots by taking up the original blue round logo again.  Known in design circles as ‘the blue rondel’, this timeless logo was first introduced in the 1920’s  on NIVEA’s classic tin and sets the standard in iconic branding alongside other giants such as Cocoa Cola, Cadbury’s and Fairy Liquid.

Men understand that these long standing brands are going to provide a good ‘service’ and the new look for NIVEA communicates this trust and longstanding brilliance.  NIVEA’s original male skincare range is actually called NIVEA MEN Originals, highlighting its classic brand status.  It includes the basic but essential kit for men to look good and get on with it, as most classic brands do.

This means, the regular skincare routine with shaving gel, face wash, exfoliator, post shave balms and two moisturiser variants, this stuff does what it says on the tin, no messing.  And men will like the way their skin feels and looks following plenty of use.