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The number one Always Dailies Discreet pantyliners undergo a discreet name and packaging change.

The name and packaging has been changed from “Always Dailies Discreet Pantyliners” to “Always Dailies Flexible Pantyliners”.

Always Dailies Pantyliners are designed to absorb daily moisture and sweat to keep you and your underwear feeling beautifully fresh and clean all day long. You can use them whenever you want to feel a little fresher, or more protected, for example when you have a long busy day, when you’re travelling, taking gentle exercise or just when you fancy a little confidence boost! They can also be used as menstrual back up or for spotting.

The great thing about Always Dailies Flexible Pantyliners is that they are thin and comfortable enough to wear every day. With their unique net structure, they are as flexible as your knickers, adapting to all your body movements so that you can forget you’re wearing them. They also feature edge-to-edge adhesive, which helps keep the pantyliner from shifting. No popping off or bunching, no matter what you do! Some also have a gentle fresh scent that keeps you feeling fresh all day long and the Large size, offers more protection thanks to being a little longer and wider than the Normal size.

Keep that fresh knicker feeling all day long!

Always Dailies Pantyliners has a great range of pantyliners so that you can pick and choose whatever suits you best. From less than 1mm thin, to normal length and thickness for every day comfort and protection, to more absorbent odour neutralizing pantyliners that come in a variety of sizes, to pantyliners that are individually wrapped so you can pop them in your handbag. Check out the Always Dailies Pantyliners range for everyday protection and also Always pads for protection during your period.