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Brand News from PZ Cussons

PZ Cussons says UK 2013 sales of washing and bathing products were "robust", supported by new products, including the re-launch of the Imperial Leather Foamburst range of shower gels.

Imperial Leather Foamburst's luxurious body wash transforms from a smooth gel into an abundance of rich, creamy lather that glides across your skin like silk, whilst delivering exciting new fragrances.

The expertly crafted blend delivers a unique fragrance burst and a lather so rich and silky it can also be used for shaving.

40 showers per can. A little luxury goes a long way.

Since the 1700’s Imperial Leather has added a little luxury to bathing, with the finest fragrances and creamiest lather. Whilst the original distinctive scents of Turkish Rose, Lavender, Cumin and Precious Amber are still used in their iconic Imperial Leather bar soap today, they continue to innovate. Developing new and even better formulations, formats and fragrances helps them to create extraordinary washing and bathing experiences for consumers across the globe.