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Reckitt Benckiser launches Air Wick Pure

Consumers use Aerosols because they neutralise odours and release freshness into their homes with long lasting fragrance. But most consumers would like a spray with no wet fall out. Because RB innovation is always driven by consumer insight, Air Wick has developed Air Wick Pure, its first aerosol with no added water

Air Wick Pure launches in the UK following its major success in France in 2014 where it was highly incremental to Aerosols and drove +6.3% segment growth (source: Nielsen FY 2014, France).

Air Wick Pure neutralises odours with no wet fall out, avoiding the undesirable wet mist which standard aerosols may produce. At the same time, thanks to its formulation with no added water and more concentrated fragrance, Pure provides an exceptional fragrance experience.

New Air Wick Pure also has a distinctive new look which stands out from the crowd with strong solid pack colours to differentiate fragrances and an ergonomic trigger spray designed to feel natural in the hand. This impactful design will provide shelf stand out and strong differentiation in store, another winning point for the retailer.

In store from Q3/Q4, the launch of Air Wick Pure will be supported by a £1m promotional campaign set to break in September.

Air Wick Pure (250ml) RRP £3 is available in a range of 5 variants to satisfy all consumer preferences

• Cherry Blossom

• Mulled Wine

• Spring Delight

• White Vanilla

• Mediterranean Sun

The Instant Spray air freshener segment hasn’t seen many innovations in the past few years. Driven by a strong consumer insight, Air Wick Pure is expected to revive Aerosols performance and drive significant category growth.