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Air Wick introduces game changing innovation with Air Wick Wax Melts

Following major success in USA and Australia, the UK air freshener category is about to experience a game changing new arrival with the launch of Air Wick Wax Melts – consumers can enjoy the warmth and fragrance of a candle, without a flame.

Candles are now the biggest segment in the UK air care category and the segment is growing. As key player in the category, Air Wick is consistently at the forefront of innovation, developing Air Wick Wax Melts as a complementary fragrance solution for consumers looking for that feeling of indulgence they get from candles but in a new and convenient format.

The Air Wick Wax Melts range comprises an attractive electric warmer and sticks of highly fragranced wax that gently melt in the warm bowl to release up to 20 hours of fragrance per wax stick.

The ‘starter kit’ includes the elegant black ceramic warmer, with its classic styling (which has a 1.6m cord and plugs in to any standard outlet) and has an on/off switch for ultimate control and convenience. The kit also includes three bars of wax melts (giving up to 60 hours of fragrance).

Going into stores from September, Air Wick Wax Melts will be available in the Life Scents range of fragrances, the revolutionary concept launched earlier this year. Life Scents uses the latest in fragrance technology to deliver a truly multi-dimensional fragrance that, for the first time, recreates the layered fragrance experience we get from nature, giving consumers an ever-changing fragrance that retains its freshness over time.

Available from DCS from 1st October