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Reckitts - Scholl Gel Activ Insoles


Make every day feel better with Scholl´s Everyday Comfort Insoles. The Gel Activ™ technology cushions your feet with every step, so you feel energized and supported.

Designed to fit: dress shoes, casual shoes and everyday trainers

  • The softer gel provides cushioning
  • The firmer yellow gel provides arch support to cushion against impact
  • Ultra-soft blue gel provides superior shock absorption


Tough enough for men and women who work on their feet all day, Scholl´s Work Insoles provides superior cushioning that lasts.

Designed to fit: work boots, casual shoes and sneakers

  • Arch shell firm insert provides additional support
  • Cooling vents designed to keep feet cool and dry on the job


Ideal for athletic footwear, Scholl´s Gel Activ Sport Insoles provide shock absorption and act like tiny springs to cushion feet and keep you going.

Designed to fit: running shoes, court shoes, athletic shoes

  • Arch shell firm insert provides additional support
  • Firm arch support