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IAMS® introduces Minis the nutritious dog treats for healthy rewards

As human food trends continue to influence pet food development across Europe, IAMS® has responded to consumer demand for healthy dog treats which allow pet owners to combine nutrition and reward with its new IAMS® Minis. The range, which illustrates IAMS® ongoingdedication to improving pet nutrition, is rich in taste, low in fat and made with no artificial flavouring.

Many pet owners will be familiar with their dog hanging around during meal time in the hope they might receive a treat but as a retailer it’s important to remind your consumers that what their pet eats, isn’t always what they need.

Making low-fat IAMS® treats a reality

IAMS®Minis Dog Snacks are irresistibly tasty and a healthy reward for any sized dog providing long-lasting chewing fun. Made without gluten, packed with vitamins, and low in fat, IAMS®Minis really are a guilt-free treat that can be used to reward dogs while keeping their health a top priority. IAMS®Minis are available in three different taste variants:

  • Lamb with Cranberry
  • Beef with Apple
  • Chicken with Carrots

IAMS® Minis are available to purchase from DCS.