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Unilever - Cif unveils project to revive community spaces

Cif has announced the launch of ‘The Before and After’ Project – a social mission to help celebrate and renovate community spaces.

The initiative aims to give community spaces a new lease of life through community clean ups, helping them to look and function at their very best, starting with a clean of The 02 roof in Greenwich. The clean will take a team of seven professionals 12 weeks to complete – a total of approximately 450 hours of cleaning.

From May to July 2016, Cif will also be giving shoppers the chance to win a pair of tickets to climb The 02, via an on-pack promotion available across Cif Power & Shine Kitchen, Cif Power & Shine Bathroom and Cif Cream Lemon.

The on-pack promotion offers consumers the opportunity to bring ‘The Before & After’ Project to their local spaces, by logging on to the brand’s online portal and highlighting why their chosen community space is worthy of the Cif ‘clean up treatment’. Five winners will then be chosen and visited by the Cif clean squad to renovate the chosen areas.

Trang Pham, marketing manager for household cleaning at Unilever UK, said: “As one of the nation’s leading household cleaners, we want to share our expertise with local communities. There are over 30,000 community spaces across the UK which provide valuable services to local residents, and by purchasing a Cif product, shoppers have the chance to renovate and preserve these spaces which have meaning within their area.”

Nathan Kosky, vice president of Global Partnerships at The O2 added: “We can’t wait to be part of this fantastic initiative with Cif. The O2 is in desperate need of a clean and therefore provides the perfect platform to begin the ‘Before and After’ project.”

Source: Unilever UK