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Unilever - Destroy Germs Create Smiles

For a child growing up in a modern comfortable home, diarrhoea can be an uncomfortable and embarrassing illness. Giving your child medicine and keeping them hydrated are just two ways a parent can quickly treat the illness. But when 2.5 billion people worldwide are without access to improved sanitation facilities, diarrhoea is in fact a fatal disease that claims the lives of about 2,000 children under five every single day.

The easiest way to save a child's life is to keep them clean. As part of the "destroy germs and create smiles" campaign, Domestos and the Unilever Foundation have joined forces with UNICEF to help improve access to basic sanitation in areas that need it most. With improved facilities and resources, we can support families around the world in making changes that will reduce open defecation practices and help us end hygiene-related disease, giving millions of children the chance to lead healthier lives.

Through UNICEF's Community Approaches to Total Sanitation (CATS) programme, Domestos and the Unilever Foundation are helping to provide improved facilities for thousands of people across nine countries: Gambia, Ghana, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, South Sudan, Sudan and Vietnam.

Partnering with national Governments, support has been provided to build institutional and community level capacity for sanitation programmes. For example, In Vietnam, 600 community and local Government workers have been trained on how to implement community and school led sanitation programmes.

Improved facilities are already making a difference to mothers like Mary Natie and Susanna Paul. Now that their village in South Sudan is open defecation free, they say they have hope they will never again have to bury a child who died from diarrhoea.

In Vietnam, UNICEF teams visited the village of Vinh Binh, and taught local families about the risks of open defecation. The community has since invested in more modern facilities, improving health and dignity for many. Since 2009, 33 villages across five provinces of Vietnam have been declared open-defecation-free.

There are lots of ways we can work to improve sanitation for millions of families.

Donate to the Domestos Sanitation Appeal for UNICEF
Every time you clean up after your children, help a parent in need do the same. Look out for the UNICEF branded bottles of Domestos, 2 million bottles were produced to support this Unicef campaign.