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Update on the DCS Brexit position

Considering the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, we continue to work with our suppliers to understand the potential impact of a no deal Brexit and the implications for DCS, our suppliers and customers.

We understand that individual concerns and priorities may differ depending on the nature of the business, albeit that most interest clearly lies in the impact of product availability, lead-time and cost implications.

Our suppliers are all multinational blue-chip organisations with extensive operations globally, we are in continuous communication with those suppliers to understand their strategies and actions to mitigate risks that may arise.

The core suppliers are all responsible for the import of goods where manufactured overseas and are therefore responsible for the payment of any import tariffs or charges that may be levied.  While we hope this does not give rise to any price inflation, we cannot rule out suppliers offsetting any change by increasing prices.

We have completed detailed risk assessments and along with our ability to be fast, flexible and fit for purpose, DCS is well prepared.  We will continue to monitor the situation and work with our suppliers to ensure continuous supply.