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Get Ready for Summer: Stock Up on These Must-Have Products Now

Spring is fast approaching and the UK is looking forward to some sunshine and warmer weather. As a convenience retailer, what are the key summer trends to look out for and how can you prepare for them? Undoubtedly there will be lots of activity and promotions on beers, burgers and disposable BBQs, but what about hay fever, insect control and sunburn?
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This Is Why Price Mark Packs Are Making a Major Impact

You don’t need a fancy statistic to know that shoppers are looking to save money in these times of financial uncertainty. Whilst we’re not technically in a recession, it certainly feels like it to many people across the nation, as household budgets are squeezed by rising utility, fuel, housing and grocery costs.
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/ 22nd February 2023

The Big Spring Clean: A Market Worth £104M

The Spring Cleaning event is well-known but, as a convenience retailer, should you be interested in it?
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/ 15th February 2023

Why You Need to Stock Hair Masks in 2023

A fairly recent innovation, hair masks are an essential part of a hair care routine as they provide extra nourishment and hydration to your hair beyond what conventional conditioning products offer. Accordingly, consumers expect these products within their preferred haircare brand of choice.
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/ 8th February 2023

How Important is it to Stock Healthier Snacking?

January is traditionally the time for ditching the fat, sugar and beer and replacing them with carrots, lettuce and water. Some people take to this more enthusiastically than others, but there’s no doubt that January is the right time to beef up your healthier snacking range.
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Follow These Tips to Avoid Losing Sales in 2023

With inflation at a 40-year high and wage rises failing to keep pace, you could be forgiven for thinking that shoppers are stripping the shelves of all the entry-level value products and leaving all the more premium lines to gather dust. BUT… you’d be wrong.
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/ 14th December 2022

Grow Your Business with Fem Care

The Fem Care market is worth £450m a year, which is more than big enough for it to be classified as ‘essential for my store’. Understanding all the different products and formats and knowing how a shopper decides what to buy is important if you want to stock the right range, but the level of knowledge across the wholesale and convenience channel is mixed. Never fear… read on, and I will explain all.
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/ 16th November 2022

Dental Care: The £1 Billion Market

Everybody brushes their teeth, right? Yes, they do (with very few exceptions). Twice a day? The number drops off here, more than you might think. Dentists recommend you change your toothbrush every three months – people do that, right? Well… not even I do that, and I’m working with this information every day. I know I should, but then I think… I’ll just push it a little longer.
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