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How DCS Partnered with WHSmith to Create Huge Sales

WHSmith began trading with DCS in 2013 when we partnered with them to support the implementation of an extended Health and Beauty range in their Travel store portfolio.
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/ 6th July 2022

Shopper Spending in an Economic Downturn… It’s Not All Doom and Gloom.

The news at the moment is a depressing collection of attention-grabbing headlines about grocery inflation, rising energy prices, rising interest rates, global supply chain issues, economic downturn, public sector pay disputes and a cost of living that’s spiralling out of control. So here’s a question… is it all doom and gloom, or can we find some positives buried deep down at the bottom of the (now slightly more expensive) barrel?
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Eco Products. As a Retailer… Should You REALLY Care?

Yes, you should. Nice and simple. OK, for those who won’t just take my word for it, coming up are 559 more words by way of justification.
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/ 1st June 2022

Rapid Delivery...Rapid Growth!

March 2020 saw the first lockdown with COVID-19, this was a scary experience and meant consumers were unable to complete their weekly routines. And so Rapid Delivery was born! A service which allows a consumer to receive their shopping within minutes without leaving their house. Getir is one of the biggest players within this sector consisting of over 220 dark stores and 2 RDCs covering London, Manchester, Birmingham and many more cities.
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/ 26th May 2022

How DCS Launched a Brand New Haircare Range

DCS are super proud to share the success story of our new Enliven Fruits Haircare range! This is the first time we have designed and developed a unique fruity range of hair products targeting specific hair types. A set of 3 mouth-watering variants in a complete regime that meets your specific hair needs, trialled, and tested on 150 consumers!
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How We Know Our Training is Working at DCS

As a business with a heart in distribution and manufacturing, we have a very strong culture of compliance training. It’s never been enough for us to simply meet the basic audit standards for our sector. For many years we have committed to additional accreditations because we believe they’re important – for the safety of our own people and supply partners and for the quality of service we want to deliver.
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/ 18th May 2022

The Power of Collaborative Partnerships: How We Create Opportunities and Drive Growth for Our Suppliers and Customers

Whitworths and DCS worked together to identify a strong customer partner to collaborate on a significant distribution and growth opportunity. Both Whitworths and DCS have huge confidence in Whitworths’ healthy snacking solution and the size of the potential opportunity. In-Home Bargains, we found a progressive and entrepreneurial partner. With a shared goal, we then started the discussion, collaborating on creating the right consumer proposition that worked for Whitworths, Home Bargains and DCS. Once on the shelf, we were sure the product would deliver and drive trial and repeat purchases.
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/ 11th May 2022

Laundry Add-Ons - The Sure Way to Grow Your Sales

The laundry add-ons category is worth more than £100m in the UK market. Whilst it’s dwarfed by laundry detergents (£900m) and fabric conditioners (£430m), it’s still important to get right. There are many shoppers who are loyal to specific products, and you can encourage customers to grow their baskets by shopping across the full range.
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