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Why It's So Important to Find Time to Train in Sales

In the fast-paced world of sales, it can often be easy to forget the importance of regular and practical training to maintain an effective team across your company. DCS' Grainne Ridge explains how we find time to train at DCS.
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/ 13th April 2022

5 Reasons Why Fabric Conditioners Are So Much More Exciting Than You Think.

Why would anyone want to read a blog about the laundry category? In fairness, that’s a very good question, and if you’ve read this far you’re already doing well. But the category is more exciting than you might think.
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Driving Hand Gel Distribution During Covid

WHS Travel was approached with the idea of using one of its flagship stores to showcase the “Always Carry Carex” message in an impactful way whilst reaching the maximum amount of people possible.
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Exist Beautifully to Your Full Potential!

Since we started Women in Wholesale 7 years ago, our mission has been to Inspire, Support and Progress women working in our channel. This year, our theme ‘Be the best You’ underpins everything we stand for – however, there is an even better single word that encompasses our mission: Arete.
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Working Together to Create Period Equality

DCS alongside P&G have been working with PHS and the Department of Education to create period equality.
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/ 30th March 2022

What DCS is Doing to Lessen Our Carbon Footprint

According to the Climate Change Committee, the full transition to electric vehicles will be one of the most important factors to achieve the UK’s Net Zero target by 2032. Considering this, DCS has targeted to have a fully electric car fleet by 2025.
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/ 22nd March 2022

Three Million Reasons to Get Excited About the Baby Care Category

There are three million children under the age of four in the UK. You can turn parents and carers of these children into some of your most loyal shoppers… if you can offer them what they’re looking for.
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DCS Group (UK) Ltd and Standout Field Marketing Announce Sales and Distribution Partnership

DCS Group (UK) Ltd and Standout Field Marketing announce a sales and distribution partnership, commencing with global beauty brand, Coty, as their first client partner.
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/ 17th March 2022