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Co-packing: Why It’s a Game Changer

Looking for an addition to your company's packaging operations that could hold the key to unlocking new and innovative retail opportunities? Contract packaging can provide a solution to meet all of your demands and specifications, regardless of whether you're a manufacturer, retailer, distributor, start-up company, or marketer of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs). Because of our ability to optimize the efficiency and productivity of operations, Co-pack is significantly considered a ‘key’ element, rather than a ‘value added’ extra to the supply chain.

Ruth Stanley - Head of Co-Pack

3 Minutes

/ 7th December 2022
  • Co-Packing

So, what is contract packaging?

Contract packaging often referred to as co-packing, typically entails outsourcing your business's needs for secondary packaging (such as packets or outer boxes) to make items "shelf-ready" and ultimately fit for the end retailer for whom they are intended.

Due to the high operational efficiency, secondary packing has emerged as a competitive advantage for producers, particularly in the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Contract packing has grown in popularity as the ideal method for finishing big projects without having to hire extra people, tools, or equipment in the current economic climate.

Benefits of Using a Copacker

The focus of any contract packaging business is to offer packaging services that fulfil the requirements of each and every product converted. Our staff members, training programs, packaging equipment, and software are all tailored to handle a varied catalogue of product packaging solutions. Processes will become more efficient, specialised, and swift as a result.

Less Investment

A well-equipped Co-packer has the production facilities, tools, knowledgeable staff, and training necessary to deliver your goods without requiring you to invest in office space, personnel, or equipment. By developing items for which you lack the resources or skills to convert to reality, hiring a contractor may enable you to take extra risks. You'll be able to realise your full innovative and creative potential as a brand.

State of the Art Equipment

As an established Contract packer, DCS utilises a combination of automatic machinery, conveyor systems and employees to ensure the highest level of efficiency throughout our range while facilitating flexibility and scalability.

Environmentally Friendly

We frequently aim to reduce waste throughout the supply chain in an effort to cut costs. Choosing the most efficient means of delivery and transportation so costs aren't transferred. Utilising recycled materials and educating consumers about recycling can also help reduce costs and waste.

Quicker Output

Early involvement of Co-pack will enable us to be fully set up and ready to go as soon as your product is developed, reducing the lead time to market and assisting you in moving your stock quickly. As a selected partner, we can also help you carry out your nationwide distribution more effectively


Don’t let the volume of orders limit your productivity potential. By choosing the right co-packer you may increase output and your profitability.

Additional Services

Make sure to utilise the range of value-added services offered across DCS Group

Making use of these services could be a fantastic way to concentrate on enhancing your own manufacturing operations. By eliminating the cost needed for distribution equipment and strategic planning through outsourcing, your production unit can make measurable savings on your production expenses.