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Moving Towards Sustainability

Discover how DCS Group is leading the way in corporate social responsibility (CSR) through impactful sustainability initiatives. Learn about their solar panel installation and voltage optimiser implementation, reducing carbon emissions and setting a commendable standard for responsible corporate practices.

Michel Steiger - Quality and Compliance Assistant Manager

2 Minutes

/ 4th October 2023

In recent years, DCS Group has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) through a series of impactful sustainability initiatives. These efforts have not only showcased the company's dedication to environmental stewardship but have also yielded substantial benefits in terms of energy savings and carbon emission reductions.

Solar Panel Installation:

One of the hallmark achievements in DCS Group's sustainability journey was the installation of solar panels in May 2021. These panels have been instrumental in harnessing renewable energy, generating an impressive 725 megawatt-hours (MWh) of power to date. This significant milestone translates to a remarkable reduction of 150 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, showcasing DCS Group's tangible contribution to mitigating climate change.

Voltage Optimiser at Redditch:

In addition to the solar panel installation, the implementation of a voltage optimiser at the Redditch facility has marked another significant stride towards sustainability. This innovative technology is designed to optimize voltage levels, ensuring that energy is utilized efficiently. Since its inception, the voltage optimiser has already demonstrated its prowess by contributing to a noteworthy annual reduction of 16.3 tonnes of CO2 emissions. This achievement underscores DCS Group's commitment to finding innovative solutions to minimize its environmental footprint.

Looking Ahead:

As DCS Group continues to forge ahead on its path of corporate social responsibility, there are exciting prospects on the horizon. The company remains dedicated to exploring new avenues for sustainable practices, with a focus on initiatives that align with its core values and long-term goals.

The solar panels and voltage optimiser show DCS Group's commitment to corporate social responsibility. These initiatives not only demonstrate the company's dedication to environmental sustainability but also serve as compelling examples of how businesses can play a pivotal role in combatting climate change. By leveraging renewable energy sources and cutting-edge technologies, DCS Group continues to move towards a more sustainable future.