At DCS we have strong values and we will always help our community as much as we can


At DCS, we take our environmental responsibility seriously and are committed as a business to do our part in making the world better. As such, we have implemented various measures over the last few years, as well as continuously looking for ways to improve existing efforts and starting new initiatives – all with an overarching aim to become Carbon Neutral by 2025.

In previous years, we have made numerous changes within the business to become more environmentally friendly. Among a few have been to introduce recycling bins, as well as reusable bottles and plastic cups which have been distributed to all employees. DCS continue to focus on innovative solutions, and as such has recently installed a new PIG system with the intention of recovering up to 99.5% of the product in pipelines that would otherwise go to waste. This will ensure the system speed up changeovers and save on water and cleaning agents, thereby helping us become more efficient, profitable and environmentally sustainable.

Looking towards the future, we will focus on two key initiatives: Energy & Paper waste reduction. In 2021, we plan to install solar panels, invest in submetering, and electrify our car fleet to better measure and reduce our electricity consumption as a business. Furthermore, only recycled paper will be used for printing purposes, thereby being closer to achieving a zero-carbon footprint on paper usage.

The above initiatives will be incorporated in the DCS target tracking tool to measure the progress of our aim to become a responsible and sustainable business, by leading the way for carbon neutrality within our industry.


DCS believes that people are the key to our continued success and our commitment to our employees remains one of our top priorities, as specified in our company strategy. We therefore, strive to accelerate equality where every employee can advance their professional career and thrive as a key member of our organisation. We work tirelessly to build and maintain a culture in which our people feel they have an equal opportunity to be heard, to develop and grow.  

We have a truly multicultural workforce at DCS and there are currently 22 different nationalities across the group. We believe by encouraging a workforce that diversifies in gender, race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, language and educational background, that we can benefit from employing people with different ways of thinking, approaching tasks/projects and solving occurring challenges.

Diversity does not purely extend to hiring diverse employees, but also ensuring that all workers are treated equally from the recruitment process, general working life at DCS to making sure everyone has an equal opportunity for career growth and professional development. Through initiatives like DCS Academy, Bright Ideas and STARS we hope all our employees, irrespective of cultural factors feel valued and appreciated at DCS.


At DCS we have a strong desire to helping our local communities to the best of our ability and are constantly looking for ways to ensuring that both our business and communities prosper now and in the future. As such, encouraging both an internal and external community focus will continue to form a key part of our overall business strategy.

Internal community: Our people make up the internal community aspect of the business and we are dedicated to maintaining an engaged and happy workforce. To achieve this, we have a multitude of schemes, all within four overarching pillars – Protection, Development, Reward & Benefits. We are devoted to ensuring our employees feel protected at work and as such take Health & Safety very seriously. 

The development aspect of our internal community focuses on the measures we can take as a business to help our employees continuously grow, feel challenged and inspired in everyday life. The rewards and benefits elements are created to highlight how our employees are compensated for fantastic ideas, great morale and innovative thoughts.

External community: Our focus on helping our local communities includes but is not limited to philanthropic initiatives and environmental engagements. DCS has 4 key areas of philanthropic support, which are crisis response aid, continuous charitable donations, fundraising campaigns and organised charity events. These focus on providing support in times of need, as well as to charities we are passionate about helping as a company. Furthermore, we have recently undertaken an environmental community engagement initiative partnered with Cherwell District Council by encouraging the local community to plant 30,000 trees with us. This was highly successful, and we are planning on continuing the trend in the years to come.


Ethical conduct is a critical component of all of DCS’ business activities. It is embedded within our strategy, culture and behaviours, which influences the quality of our products and services, internal governance procedures, and overall industry expertise. Furthermore, we believe our mission to becoming the distributor of choice can only be achieved through promoting the highest standards of ethics, trust, and professional excellence.

Our Ethical focus is based on four key principles which underpin our commitment to achieving excellence, valuing and empowering individuals and working responsibly with respect for others. These are honesty, competence, accountability & inclusion.

Honesty is a key attribute we advocate for at DCS which promotes openness, as well as enables people to develop consistency in how facts are presented. Moreover, it is our belief that honesty connotes trustworthiness, which is key to any successful professional relationship.

Competence refers to our ability as a business to achieve excellence through extensive industry and product knowledge, business concepts and ability to provide outstanding service. We believe our employees have a wealth of knowledge in their respective fields and are therefore better able to meet expectations to a highly professional standard.

We encourage all employees to demonstrate accountability in the sense of their willingness to accept responsibility for their own and other colleagues’ actions, in order to maintain a responsible and trustworthy relationship with all colleagues and business partners.

DCS promote an inclusive workplace with an aim to make all employees feel safe without the expectation or worry of harassment.

These fundamental principles are reflected in our core internal policies and guidelines listed below:

  • Ethical Code of Conduct
  • CSR statement
  • Modern Slavery statement
  • Anti-Bribery & Corruption
  • Grievance Procedure
  • Anti-Money Laundering


At DCS we firmly believe in equality and discourage any negative behaviour towards others.

We promote an open culture where employees of all backgrounds, genders and job levels are free to speak up and discuss any matters openly with a senior member of the business, as we consider every employee to be key to our continued success. It is therefore imperative that we work together as a team to maintain operational excellence and staff satisfaction.

We encourage egalitarianism as an internal culture, focusing on all employees being treated as equals and receive mutual respect within the workplace.

We therefore believe that all workers are equally indispensable to DCS and its continued financial and professional growth. Key to this school of thought is the opportunity for all workers to contribute equally and share recognition for success. We have multiple rewarding schemes within the business to encourage workers from all levels and departments to be recognised; either for their ideas to improve DCS as a business through the Bright Ideas scheme, or exceptional work undertaken through the STAR reward & recognition scheme. We hope that all employees at DCS will embrace the equality and mutual respect principles of the egalitarianism perspective and encourage their colleagues to adopt the school of thought as well.

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